Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September TwentyTwo, Two Thousand + Ten

How on earth did it get to this date? I am a little shocked that it has been so long since I have managed to get on here.

A few things have happened since I came on here and updated you all.

Firstly, I have had a wonderful six weeks of completing my internship. I have been asked several times about my casual number and am extremely excited about being able to teach the class in November!

I had my meeting with my adviser and MT. I was told that I am far too hard on myself throughout my evaluation and explained that I wanted to continue to try and achieve great things whilst finishing my internship.

I am about to get my casual DET number and really enjoy discussing this with the AP and Principal. I enjoy that they are recognising me now as a teacher, not just as a student teacher on their internship. I feel that by showing my confidence in not only myself but within how I am teaching and talking with the students asserts this to them.

Tomorrow I need to take my program in for the AP to look over as seeing though I am teaching daily, it is probably better for her to view my own program. Which is exciting and worrying at the same time.


Today went very well. Again I am noticing that after my discussion with MT I am not raising my voice anymore and attempting to talk over the students. A lot of the students will just notice exactly what I am doing and listen. I feel that come November and having that experience just me with them, will open my eyes to new teaching strategies.

As we were in the IWB room for a session before lunch, it was great to get the children out of the classroom but for me as a teacher, I don't feel that there is enough time to go and sit and fiddle with the IWB and find new and exciting tools and games to do with the children. Instead you spend around 5-15 minutes searching and logging in for what you need. I feel that this would work best if there was a folder with interactive links already set up for teachers to come in and access would be beneficial time wise.

That's all I have time for today, I am off to make resources.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Eight, Two Thousand + Ten

Behaviour Management.

I was finding that I was needing to raise my voice a lot during the session between recess and lunch today. The stopping and waiting was not working, the children just kept talking. And as for raising my voice, while it did work I don't feel that this is a teaching technique that I personally want to adopt once I am a new graduate.

I also tried to use touching my head or nose to gain the children's attention. Again while it does work for a small period of time I am finding that the children are just talking again within a few moments.

So at lunch time, I asked the teacher how she coped with the talking and the noise level once she graduated. My MT was very helpful and told me that she did the exact same thing when she was newly out and that while the noise level with the class was slightly higher than when she is in control of the group, it was to be expected and that when I have the children on my own in November that I will probably notice a huge difference in their behaviour as they aren't trying to impress me or used to having both teachers.

It was great to hear that I wasn't doing so badly with the children.

But in the afternoon I thought that I would try some of my MT suggestions of stopping and waiting, raising an arm or whispering.

These did work, but I was still finding the children talking. The trip to the zoo was mentioned a couple of times as the children need to ensure that for the excursion that they are able to listen to either the parent or teacher that they are with.

Once we were wrapping up the lesson and it was still fifteen minutes before home time. The children got awfully noisy. Which was quite unusual. I quickly pressed play on the CD player and then re-paused it.

The children danced for a moved, whilst sitting and then froze when I paused the music. I had a few ask if we were going to play musical statues but said no, I explained that I played to music as they weren't listening and Miss Lloyd wasn't going to raise her voice.

The students went extremely quiet after this and I asked one of the students to grab me a book.

They all sat quietly and intently listening to the book until the bell.

I ended up finding a new behaviour management strategy and am quite glad that I had the discussion with my MT during the lunch break. Allowed me to ensure that I wasn't going completely off track and that she still thinks of me as being a capable teacher.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Seven, Two Thousand + Ten

It has been a little while since I managed to get this updated. It is always on my to do list of an afternoon but I just never manage to get here, but I don't manage to get anything else done either. I feel that this is definitely something that I need to work on. I need to ensure that I am getting these reflections done and ready at the end of each day of my internship, for me I think that this can be a resourceful tool for me as a beginning teacher to look at the changes that I am making over the duration of the ten week period.

So, today being seven thirty in the morning, I have already figured out exactly what needs to be done today and I will make sure I cross off all these on this list:

:: Make the resources I need for the rest of the term
:: Write up any individual plans that need to be done
:: Finish typing up observations and work sample annotations
:: Print off everything that I have typed up
:: Show the linking between the planning and the observations
:: Go through and begin to fill in the areas of the portfolio and PIP that I can

I am a person who loves to write lists. I find that I can achieve more when I have everything written in front of me and I know exactly what needs to be done.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September One, Two Thousand + Ten

It has been a while since I reflected. Every afternoon that I get home while I am on the internship is usually spent making resources.

I discussed with my MT today how she felt I was going, she replied that I am going great and she has no concerns for me whatsoever. Which is great to hear.

Tomorrow is the K-2 Sports Day so there are no real opportunities to teach the children until the afternoon and generally by then a lot of the students have gone home with their parents. I will be assisting during this though with the checking of the shoes and having the students lining up ready to race.

In relation to my PIP, I submitted my work-in-progress and received some great feedback in relation to this and am working towards refining my question, still. I am a little concerned that this is so as I need to start implementing soon to see if the idea of using learning centres is an suitable approach.

I am yet to start compiling everything else. Though I do not feel too overwhelmed at this stage.

This week and weekend I will be:

:: Adding in all parts of my portfolio that can be added in
:: Researching in relation to my PIP
:: Coming up with the final question for my PIP
:: Finishing off the overview for the time that I will be at the school for my MT to add to her own program
:: Making resources
:: Finishing off the sound booklet I offered to complete

In relation to me as a teacher, I feel that I am becoming more at ease within a classroom and don't feel that I am relying on the teacher. Yes, there are times when I seek the teachers advice, though I do feel that I would be able to run and organise a classroom quite effectively and am getting excited at the prospect of becoming a qualified teacher within the year.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

August Twenty-One, Two Thousand + Ten

I forgot to mention the other day that for ECH416 I received 10 out of 10 for the online quiz component.

I will add my study notes up over the next few days for this assignment.

I really like that ECH416 gives you the option to decide what you want to do for the other two 45% assignments. While I do generally go better in exam-style situations, I don't feel that I want to this time. I have read over the essay topics and feel that these are better suited to me and my future within ECE.

Today I am spending relaxing, trying to shake this nasty cough. Though I dare say that sometime today I will write up the one page document for the teachers on ECHP444 to look over in relation to the portfolio.

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