Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August Eighteen, Two Thousand + Ten

My first official day at the school.

I mostly spoke to my teacher about the changes to the room that I am wanting to implement in order for the 3L's program to run efficiently. I discussed the ideas that I have for literacy groups that will incorporate the other areas of learning whilst still having a focus on literacy for the first two hours.

I also showed the principal the permission notes that I need to hand out in order to enable me to use photographs of the children on the blog that I am using for the university and also within my documentation for university.

It was suggested to write a letter to explain what the permission notes are for and why they are needed. I also typed this up during the RFF time and left a copy on the K-2 Supervisors desk in the afternoon as requested.

As I will be teaching the whole day on Friday, I will be writing up plans tonight and will be showing them to my MT in the morning.

Tonight's To Do List:
:: Write up observations
:: Write up plans for Friday
:: Find resources

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