Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Eleven, Two Thousand + Ten

This morning I visited the primary school. The first hour is based around literacy. The second hour is my MT's RFF time.

When we were gathering the children from the cola, D's mother came up to me to ask about the homework and why it hadn't came home or questioning whether her son had left it at after-school-care. I explained that the homework books were yet to go out and that they will go out this afternoon. She was happy to hear this. I wonder if any of the other parents were wondering where the homework was as it does go out of a Tuesday afternoon. I am glad that some of the parents I am able to have contact with of a morning or an afternoon and am looking forward to extending on these relationships being built.

During the first hour, I worked with the children once they were back to their desks and developed their stories/sentences about the weather with them. Since working with them in March 2010 {and throughout term two and three} I am pleasantly surprised at just how far some of the children are coming along.

Once the children had left with the relief teacher, I began to discuss with the MT different parts of the day and went through a very brief outline of the routine. Most is the same from when I was completing the practicum from March 2010, though with the incorporation of the 3L's program, there have been some changes made.

I explained to my MT that I am able to teach from any date. As my teacher will be away on Friday during my first week, I offered to plan for that day and implement for the entire day with the relief teacher. I will also begin to implement different literacy based activities on Thursday morning also.

I am excited of being within the classroom again. We also discussed the difference in expectations, from the previous practicum to now, being an intern. And I completely agree. Now I feel far more confident within myself as a beginning teacher within a classroom and am looking forward to the opportunity to again work with this MT and class to further develop my own skills.

To Do List For Friday:
: Take photographs of the room
: Have the permission note ready to be signed + looked over by the K-2 Supervisor
: Go through my assignment + see what needs to be done over the weekend
: Observe the children
: Go over my MT's planning formats and duplicate at home
: Develop ideas for literacy groups
: Develop a plan for Friday and show to MT on Wednesday
: Go through 3L's with MT

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