Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Four, Two Thousand + Ten

After reading through the unit outline I became a little confused as in relation to the assignment. I like the idea of having only one assignment broken into the portfolio and into the research part, but I just need to double check that the research just gets put into the section it corresponds to?

I feel that looking further into section four or seven would be where my main interests lie.

For four, I love the idea of researching different pedagogy and implementing a more play-based environment. This is because my MT is using the 3L's and I would love to set up the room in stations/areas that promote literacy and numeracy {as well as other areas of the syllabus} that the children can access for extended periods of time during the morning with minimal supervision. This would allow me to utilise the ECE background and explore the uses within the classroom.

In relation to seven, I feel that looking at what role developing professional knowledge through in-services and own research has within the school environment. This would be more insightful for myself as a beginning teacher.

Overall, I feel quite confident with my choice of completing the internship and am grateful that I am only completing one other unit at the same time.

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