Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Two, Two Thousand + Ten

I visited the primary school today. It was fantastic to see the children again and my MT. I really appreciate having her as my mentor for the internship.

Even though I only spent two hours there, I felt at ease. Like this is something I was always meant to do.

Together with my teacher, we discussed ways to modify the concept of the 'office'. My MT is undertaking the 3L's program and this is a suggestion from the program. Though as the children are in a routine and beginning to implement the 'office' area was difficult. So I suggested having a mailbox, where the children can write to me and I can respond.

The teacher is currently using pictures to prompt story writing and I found that this worked well and the children were able to come up with very detailed sentences, though I assisted by writing the sentence as they told me.

I feel that once I am in the room teaching again, I will work on these two aspects of the 'office' area to a point where the children are able to work without assistance.

I feel that the 3L's program would be a fantastic tool (when used from the beginning of the school year) and am looking forward to being shown the information from my MT.

Teaching is not something that I take lightly - teaching and the ability to teach is a gift.

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