Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September One, Two Thousand + Ten

It has been a while since I reflected. Every afternoon that I get home while I am on the internship is usually spent making resources.

I discussed with my MT today how she felt I was going, she replied that I am going great and she has no concerns for me whatsoever. Which is great to hear.

Tomorrow is the K-2 Sports Day so there are no real opportunities to teach the children until the afternoon and generally by then a lot of the students have gone home with their parents. I will be assisting during this though with the checking of the shoes and having the students lining up ready to race.

In relation to my PIP, I submitted my work-in-progress and received some great feedback in relation to this and am working towards refining my question, still. I am a little concerned that this is so as I need to start implementing soon to see if the idea of using learning centres is an suitable approach.

I am yet to start compiling everything else. Though I do not feel too overwhelmed at this stage.

This week and weekend I will be:

:: Adding in all parts of my portfolio that can be added in
:: Researching in relation to my PIP
:: Coming up with the final question for my PIP
:: Finishing off the overview for the time that I will be at the school for my MT to add to her own program
:: Making resources
:: Finishing off the sound booklet I offered to complete

In relation to me as a teacher, I feel that I am becoming more at ease within a classroom and don't feel that I am relying on the teacher. Yes, there are times when I seek the teachers advice, though I do feel that I would be able to run and organise a classroom quite effectively and am getting excited at the prospect of becoming a qualified teacher within the year.

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